Vegan Country Style Gravy: A Delicious and Plant-Based Twist

Preparation Time: 1 minuteCooking Time: 8 minutes

A delicious and simple recipe for vegan country style gravy that's sure to please.

When it comes to comfort food, few things can compare to the rich and savory taste of country style gravy. This vegan country style gravy recipe requires few ingredients and is very simple to make. Plus, it adds just the right flavorful topping to mashed potatoes or to my vegan biscuits. Traditionally made with animal-based fats and meat drippings, this classic sauce might seem off-limits for vegans or those pursuing a plant-based diet. However, with a few simple swaps and some creative ingredient choices, you can enjoy the same heartwarming flavors of country style gravy while still honoring your dietary choices.

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Building the base or roux

To make country style gravy vegan, we need to find alternatives for the key components that give it its distinct taste and texture. One of the main challenges is replacing the fat and flavor of animal drippings. Fortunately, there are some plant-based butter alternatives that will do the trick.

Country style gravy is known for its thick and creamy texture. To achieve this, you’ll need a thickening agent. Traditionally, white flour is used as it helps create that smooth creamy texture. If you prefer to use cornstarch, be aware it may alter the texture of the gravy and you will use less than the flour amount in the recipe.

Next, you will want to use a creamy plant-based milk. I use a dairy free milk that is a blend of almond and cashew milk with pea protein (see recipe below). Stay away from watery or dairy free milk that is too thin as it will not give you the desired texture of gravy.

Flavor Enhancers

This vegan country style gravy is easily adjustable. In addition to the salt called for in this recipe, you could add a few dashes of pepper, garlic powder, or your favorite herbs. Don’t be afraid to experiment with other herbs and spices to tailor the flavor to your liking.

Another suggestion you could try would be to add a drizzle of olive oil and decrease the plant-based butter just a bit to increase the depth of flavor. You can also try decreasing the dairy free milk by 1/2 cup and adding 1/2 cup of vegetable broth instead.

This vegan country style gravy recipe is versatile and fool proof. You can stick to the original recipe or experiment a bit. If you find the gravy is too thick for your liking, simply add a little more of the plant-based milk. If you happen to have any leftovers, add a few dashes of the dairy free milk or vegetable broth, stir, and reheat. Easy peasy!


Embracing a dairy-free or vegan lifestyle doesn’t mean giving up on the flavors and comfort of your favorite dishes. By making a few simple changes and using plant-based ingredients, you can create a delicious vegan country style gravy that rivals the traditional version. So, gather your ingredients, experiment with flavors, and indulge in this plant-based twist on a timeless classic.


  • 2 tbsp dairy free butter (plant based) (Ex: Smart Balance)
  • 3 tbsp white, all purpose flour
  • 1 ½ cup dairy free milk (not too watery/ thin) (Ex: Silk almond/cashew with pea protein)
  • 1 tsp salt


  1. melt the dairy free butter in a saute' pan over medium heat
  2. add the flour and whisk together to make a roux
  3. add the dairy free milk and whisk together breaking up the lumps
  4. allow the mixture to simmer for a few minutes
  5. whisk as gravy starts to thicken
  6. add the salt and whisk it into the mixture
  7. decrease temperature and continue whisking to desired thickness

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